Monday, January 11, 2016

Well, here goes

Taking a deep breath.  What's this, and who am I?

I'm a 72-year-old guy who's attracted to guys.  I'm not an "older" man: I'm an old man.  I admitted my attraction to men about 7 years ago... to myself, to my wife and family, to the people I worked with. So this is all pretty new. I'm told I'm a quick learner.

There will be some posts about how I got to today, but it'll mostly be about how things are right now, and going forward.  It'll be about sex in the world of old guys. I've shared a lot of my experiences with a few friends, but I'm enough of an exhibitionist to want other people to know about this.  I want other old guys to know that you're not alone, and I hope you share your experiences, either in comments or on your own blog.  I want younger men to have a glimpse of what old guys are experiencing.  The world in which you grow old will not be like my world, but you will grow old.

 If you feel so moved, help me build an audience.  Make suggestions for how to make this better.

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