Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Getting ready

One of the differences between younger me and older me is that I need to do more preparation for an upcoming sexual encounter.  Not necessarily for the "blow job in the bathroom" kind of deal, but for fucking.  I'm usually a top, so the careful prep which bottoms need to do isn't part of the drill: a good shower is plenty, and some of my current fuckbuddies are into sweaty balls and pits, and ask that I NOT shower.  Well, alrighty then!

But if the plan is that I'm gonna fuck someone, here's what's involved.  If this seems like it takes some of the spontaneity out of sex, yup!

I've been injecting testosterone in my butt once a week for a couple of decades. As a result,  my T levels average out to what a healthy young man would experience.  Which is fucking awesome, but the key word is "average."  I experience a weekly cycle, in which increased T leads to increased estradiol (E2) before it all evens out in a few days. ( Look up "aromatization.")  In the high E2 days, my libido is pretty low, and I generally feel as bitchy as a woman just before her period.  For about the same reasons! I've tried to use another drug to moderate this effect, but it's tricky to get right.  This week, since my shot was on Monday, I should be prime for the Friday party.  Wednesday would not be so great.

I take Cialis.  I get a liquid form from a website which makes various chemicals available for "research" purposes.  My insurance doesn't cover "real" Cialis, and it costs a mint. I've tried the other PDE5 inhibitors like Levitra and Viagra and Cialis works best for me.

I use a cock ring.  Looks kinda cool, and helps maintain an erection.

And I just discovered an over-the counter "boner pill" which Mr. S sells called "Hotrod" -- heheh.  I've always been dismissive of these herbal boner pills, but damn!  This stuff works.  And it's even more helpful the next morning!

When all of this works, as it usually does, I can get hard and stay hard and we both get what we're looking for.  When it doesn't, everyone is disappointed and I sulk for days.

It would be easier if I didn't like fucking so much. But I do.  I really do.  That moment when my cock slides into his hole is pure bliss on lots of levels.  Part of it ties into the fact that in the Leather/BDSM world, I'm a dominant top.  Which leads to my next post, about me and Leather.

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