Thursday, January 14, 2016


Sleepsack scene at Smokeout a couple years back.
This guy brought his own sleepsack.  Cost him a mint. 

A while back I wrote a long essay in which I talked about how my personal journey fit into what I understood of the history of the leather scene.  I wrote: 

I first sought out leather not because I had any accurate sense of what it really was, or that I needed what it uniquely offered.  I sought out leather because I was lonely and scared.  I had cut ties with almost every aspect of my life up to that point. I sought out leather because what I read suggested it might take the place of the gym buddies, climbing partners and river rats my aging body had forced me to leave behind.  I wanted "tribe," and leather seemed like it might be that. 

Leather hasn't quite worked out that way.  There was no Leather tribe in the city where I live, and thus no mentors, no buddies to swap lies with.  I did find some people in the local pansex BDSM club who taught me enough about bondage and whips and the like so I wasn't dangerous.  And then I learned from my bottoms, bless their horny needy little asses!  I made the obligatory pilgrimages to San Francisco, was accepted into one of the oldest men's BDSM clubs, and learned some more.  I got pretty good at the whole BDSM  Top thing.  If you want, I can turn your back into hamburger.  Or put welts on your butt that last for days.  Or not...  I discovered that being a Leather Tourist in San Francisco or Denver or Palm Springs or Vegas was often not worth the time and trouble, and lately I've been staying closer to home and playing with guys who come to the area on business, or who live here. Grindr isn't my  place, but Scruff and BBRT do pretty well by me.  

These days, what I mostly want is a good fuck and some snuggling afterwards.   

Leather has always been about masculinity, one way or another. I come across as pretty masculine; some guys really like that.  Some guys like the "Daddy" vibe that kind of comes with ... and some just want to get fucked until their eyes roll back in their head.  Works for me!

Maybe I'll have more to say before the party. I want to talk about age differences and being seen as a troll. But I have a Saturday presentation to prepare.  

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