Monday, January 18, 2016


The party was in the host hotel for a big national Bear event.  I was there because a fuck-buddy of mine who had moved out of town came back to see old friends, and hosted a party in his room. When I came in, the host was there with his event roommate and one other guy, J, whom I had topped a year or so ago.  The host came to greet me; we made out for a while, and others came in.  (Eventually there were something like a dozen large guys in a small hotel room!) The host greeted them all, and then went back to sucking J's dick.  I would up making out with the roommate and then with K, a very cute cub, who then went down on me for a nice long sloppy blow job. The host, in the mean time, was getting fucked hard and long by J.  I resisted cumming while the cub was working on me; if I had, that would have ended the evening for me right then, and I really wanted to fuck the host. K and I switched places for a while, and then we took a break.  He wound up lying on the other bed with a guy working on his dick… eventually he busted 2 loads for that guy in less than 30 minutes.  Ah, youth!   

I wound up making out with and getting sucked by 2-3 other guys, one of whom pressed a piece of paper into my hand with his name and phone number.  By now, I was only half-hard, but still horny.  By the time the host and I intersected again in the crowd, there was no way he was going to get me hard enough to penetrate him. So I relaxed and in 2 minutes or less I came down his throat.  

He and I talked briefly,  and he moved on.  A couple of guys who’d seen me cum and heard some comments about my cock came over and wanted to play with it … it was clear to me that I wasn’t gonna get fully hard again anytime soon, but it felt good anyway.  After a while I found my clothing and got myself put together, said good-bye to everyone, and left after about 2 hours.  

Take-home lesson: in a group situation, I should not expect to fuck a lot, if at all.  Unless I can control the sequence of events so that a bottom is available for fucking reasonably soon after I’ve first gotten hard, penetration is probably not gonna happen. That’s OK, as long as I don’t get my self trapped into thinking that unless I penetrate someone the evening is a loss.  This time I had really wanted to get inside the host, because we'd been pretty close before he moved the NYC, so I wound up a little down about the evening.    

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