Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Party coming up!

I've decided. I'm going! There's a party this Friday in conjunction with a national Bear get-together.  The main attraction at the party is a kid I used to play with regularly before he moved to New York.  We were gonna just get together in his room, but he has LOTS of guys he wants to reconnect with, and it turned into a party in his hotel room, and then that got combined with another party in the same hotel, so it's gonna be a pretty big group.  The hosts are supplying booze and snacks; "bring your own poppers."  I know the hosts, the kid, and one of the probable attendees.

These are serious food and drink people.  They're Bears -- of course!  There's been some discussion online about whether the kid could bring a particular kind of Icelandic liquor called Brennivin, which seems unavailable out here in the wilds of a small Western city.

I was hesitant about seeing this guy.  We were just beginning the long slow curve from fuckbuds into a relationship when he decided to move.  I agreed with all his reasons, and made no effort to talk him out of it. I miss him. I miss his sexual energy and creativity, and I miss his sense of humor and human warmth. I miss snuggling with him.  I miss the wonderful food he'd sometimes prepare for us. I was a little worried that sharing sex with him again would make me sad all over again. Now that our sex will be in the context of a biggish party, I'm not so worried.  And I'm real horny, which tends to override most hesitations.

So off I'll go.

I've decided to make my posts here fairly short.  The next one will talk about what I do to get ready for this kind of event.

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